SINGAPORE FITNESS MODEL SEARCH also fondly known as SFMS was founded in 2014. Back in those days, there was mainly one division of competition known as Bodybuilding competitions however FITNESS MOVEMENT felt that times have changed, more people were getting into gyms to work out and many were training with weights to achieve a more aesthetics and not too muscular kind of physique, there started a brand new competition that was meant for the sort of Fitness Model in magazines kinda look. And that sparked off SFMS to allow more people to compete in a physique competition. And the divisions include Men’s Physique and Women’s Bikini.

With that move, now Men’s Physique has grown to a catastrophic level and has moved to a stand alone main category but in 2019 SFMS will be back.

It will be another trend setter in Singapore, where it will involve enthusiasts with a Sporty outlook, people that has the Sports Model look !


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