Fitness Movement enables healthy organizations. We are an industry pioneer with more than 15 years of experiences. Our comprehensive, personalized corporate wellness and fitness programs change lives while optimizing health and productivity. We believe that the path to health and wellness is made of empowering lifestyle changes – and that we can inspire people to be the champions of their own well-being. Let us help you to create a healthy and productive workplace.

Choosing us to be your corporate program partner or provider ensures you will received:

  • Experienced & Reliable event planners specialised in fitness & wellness retreats and programs
  • Over 8 years of event management experiences 
  • A comprehensive range of programs to fit different demographic groups and their needs
  • Quality team of specialists who are individually screened, certified and professionally trained.
  • Value for money in the market with a unique learning and memorable experience.

Our programs include:

  2. Workplace Health & Fitness Program
  3. Workplace Exercise Program



Why do the same retreat and team building year after year when you can try something different this time? Come experience a whole new concept which will transform your life BETTER & HEALTHIER !

Get started on a fit and healthier lifestyle that will improve the workforce efficiency. It is known that fit and healthier staff improve the output in work quality and make better leaders out of them.

For once, let the teams get together and experience the joy of working out and eating right, and start the resolution that they procrastinated year after year to get fit, slim down and get healthy.


Contact us to personalise your company #FIT-CATION retreat TODAY !

Sabrina Ang

Kevin Chiak


We assists companies/organisations in improving or maintaining the health and well being of its’ employees. The approach is holistic and comprises of education, training and sustaining a workplace environment which promotes total well being, healthy personal growth and empowerment.

Benefits of  this program to your company/organisation include:

  • Improving:
    – productivity
    – morale and employee satisfaction
    – staff retention
    – staff cooperation
    – creativity
    – loyalty to company
    – ease of recruitment


  • Reducing:
    – medical leave
    – staff turnover
    – workplace injuries and accidents
    – work time lost
    – health costs
    – absenteeism
    – presenteeism (lost productivity of employee due to poorer physical or emotional health)