Fitness Movement is the main physique sports organiser in Singapore that represents 80% of all competitive fitness models and bodybuilders nationwide. Fitness Movement operates as a social enterprise that supports the aspirations of over a thousand local physique sports athletes, including all the top national champions, and organises the largest and most prestigious events for the sport in Singapore annually. We seek to create a centre of excellence through fostering robust and innovative partnerships and collaborations in the private, people and public (3P) sectors to champion youth development in sports and building an inclusive society through fitness and health.

Our Social Community Project

We provide fitness training and life skills mentoring to the youths-at-risk in the Singapore Boys’ and Girls’ Home. Our purpose is to inculcate character building values into the youths-at-risk through fitness and to support them in their transition to adulthood and providing career progression opportunities. We hope to see real life transformations in the youths to becoming Champions in Life.





To be Asia’s Top sports media property, merging diverse cultures in celebrating health & fitness as a lifestyle and athletes’ pursuit to sporting excellence



    1. SPORT
      – Raise the ACHIEVEMENT of the athletes
      – Increase EXPOSURE for the sport and athletes
      – Bring INTEGRITY to the sport
      UNITE the community
      GROW the community
      – Provide a GUIDING LIGHT for the community
    3. NATION
      – Contribute to a STRONGER NATION through a FITNESS MOVEMENT that uses ATHLETES as ROLE MODELS to INSPIRE others to take greater ownership of their health and well being.