To be Asia’s Premier development platform for aspiring champions to achieve greatness.



  • To produce world-class competitions to recognize the champion qualities of our athletes.
  • To elevate the sports recognition by forming strategic and win-win partnerships with stakeholders.
  • To build and raise the credibility of Champions through continuous training and learning.



  1. A Champion’s Mindset: contribution, compassion, resilience, commitment, habit focus etc
  2. Unity
  3. Integrity
  4. Innovation
  5. Continuous Learning



  • To foster positive youth development and character building in sports, while decreasing the risk of problem behaviours to ensure healthy supportive relationships are developed appropriately.
  • To provide and deliver champion quality content and talents at all times.
  • Developing professionally well executed shows & strategic partnerships & innovative marketing approach.
  • To produce Top Athletes with quality skills and capabilities (talents)
  • To foster and strengthen relationships with stakeholders for long term
Established since 2013, Fitness Movement is an integrated fitness & sports media platform providing diverse range of lifestyle solutions, multiple prongs of marketing & advertising exposure and fitness services. We envisioned to build an inclusive society through fostering robust and innovative partnerships and collaborations in the private, people and public (3P) sectors to adopt a holistic approach towards improving physical and mental well-being.

Our Core Services include:
  • Corporate Programs (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Event Management (Specialisation in physique sports and fitness related events)
  • Talent Management
  • Fitness Training Services

Corporate Programs (Fitness & Wellness)

  1. FITCATION Retreat Program
  2. Corporate Workplace Health & Fitness Workshops & Seminars
  3. Corporate Workplace Exercise Program

School Fitness Orientation Programs

Fitness Movement has set their mission to assist the Nation in getting the youth to engage in most fitness activity. Youths may come from schools, HPB initiative programmes and also from the general public.


Fitness Training Services

Fitness Movement has been providing services such as personal fitness training, group training classes (WETRAIN BOOTCAMP & FUNCTIONAL TRAINING) and inclusively of other specialised training programs in medical fitness and special population.

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Our Training Facility


Event Management (Physique Sports & Fitness )  

Fitness Movement has been the main physique sports organiser in Singapore that represents 80% of all competitive fitness models and bodybuilders nationwide. Fitness Movement operates as a social enterprise that supports the aspirations of over a thousand local physique sports athletes, including all the top national champions, and organises the largest and most prestigious events for the sport in Singapore annually.

Talent Management

  • We identify and recruit local & Asian sports & fitness talents who are bilingual and multi-talented. We connect talents in sports, lifestyle and fitness with local or leading international brands.
  • We managed and groomed athletes’ image and talent for marketing, advertisement and endorsement projects. Interested candidates can email us for more information at marketing@fitnessmovement.com.sg

Social Community Project

We provide fitness training and life skills mentoring to the youths-at-risk in the Singapore Boys’ and Girls’ Home. Our purpose is to inculcate character building values into the youths-at-risk through fitness and to support them in their transition to adulthood and providing career progression opportunities. We hope to see real life transformations in the youths to becoming Champions in Life.